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Offset Printing

Offset Printer specialized for the printing of
Ø Cartons,
Ø Insert Literature,
Ø Multicolor Brochure,
Ø labels and
Ø Promotional material.
Ø Carton Braille Embossing

List of Machinery for Offset Printing

(1) 4 colour Heidelberg CPC machine (2008).
(2) 4 colour Kamori offset printing machine
(3) 2 colour Heidelberg Offset Machine 19” x 25” – German Machine.(2 nos)
(4) 1 colour Solna 19” x 25” Offset Machine – German Machine ( 2 nos)
(5) Programme Perfecta cutting systems Machine (Brand New) ( 2 nos)
(6) Memory Plate Exposing Unit with Processor.
(7) Gargi Punching Machine (3 nos)
(8) Auto. Punching Machine (3 nos)
(9) Carton Pasting Machine – S. J. Engineering Works ( 2 nos)
(10) Insert Cross Folding Machine – Pratham Technologies ( 3 nos)
(11) GSM and rub Resistance Testing Machines.
(12) UV Varnish Machine.
(13) Aqua Varnish Machine.
(14) Lamination Machine.

Capacity per day 

Ø Cartons both side open  300000
Ø Cartons LBTO  100000
Ø Insert Literatures 200000 
Ø Promotional Items : Brochures/Leaflets/Catch Covers/Pads/Posters/Calendars etc   
Ø All deliveries are accompanied with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for Size, GSM, Grain Direction, Color Shade, Design and Text Matter and Scuffing Test.

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